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Our Products

Rocket POS is an expert developer of point of sale management solutions for the retail and hospitality industry. We are a reputed company providing efficient and ready-to-work solutions. Our modern POS is designed to achieve higher efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our products and services cover excellent quality software and hardware for efficient desk management of stores, salons, and café. The extensive range of Rocket POS products covers POS systems, EFTPOS, and consumables like paper rolls.

We are proudly serving the small and large-sized business with our reasonably-priced point of sale software in Auckland. Each of our software is tailored to meet unique business needs of businesses. If you are looking for professional solutions with high customization, look no further than Rocket POS. Rocket POS understands how retail and hospitality businesses work. With extreme pressure of satisfying the customers with quickest possible service, it is important to be quick, efficient, and smart at the point of transactions.

Best Retail Store Management POS

Rocket POS supplies best retail store management software Auckland specifically designed for small as well as large retail stores. Our feature-packed solutions also fulfil software requirements of large stores with multiple points of sales. We develop and provide personalized point of safe solutions for following all types of stores including the listed ones.

Grocery store management POS
Clothing stores
Departmental stores with multiple points of sales
Electronic item stores
Fashion accessories

Regardless of the items and size of the store, we are able to provide the most suitable solutions. If you are a small retail store with single POS, we provide affordable retail POS software Auckland to fit your budget.

Affordable Point of Sale Systems

Our POS Grocery software Auckland is highly appreciated for abundant features and ease of operation. All our point of sale systems not only enable the transactions but also generate sales reports with numerous filter options. Retail stores not only provide maximum convenience to the customers but also get an in-depth insight into their sales and revenue data.

Apart from the smooth and quick execution of transactions at the point of sale, retail stores achieve greater benefits. We at Rocket POS, provide a solution that helps the stores monitor and track their sales, customer loyalty, inventory, and stocks. We also provide e-commerce and website integrated POS for greater ease of running business. With everything at the finger-tips, doing business is a breeze.

Key Features of our POS Software in Auckland

Rocket POS is providing software systems to hundreds of retailers in Auckland and other regions. Being your local partner in operating the business with ease, we understand all your challenges and the solutions.

Key features of our POS systems make us the right partner for the businesses in Auckland-

1. Ease of Using with minimal or zero staff training
2. Gives real-time insight into your sales and inventory data
3. Daily report configuration
4. Integration with website or e-commerce available on request
5. Most competitive POS in the market
6. Excellent 24×7 technical support
7. High on customization to suit your business needs
8. Integrates all popular payment methods
9. Configures regulatory taxes
10. Integrates customer points and reward programs

POS by Rocket POS is a single solution for all your operational needs including stock management, sales, billing, and report generating.

Powerful POS Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is one of the largest industries spanning its presence in the form of hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, casinos, and cafes. From small food outlets to large hotels; we offer excellently tailored hotel management software Auckland. When it comes to point of sale software, it is important to understand the unique needs of the business. Rocket POS gets a deep peek into the way the businesses work.

Our hotel POS software Auckland is designed to meet quick order management and bill requirements of hotels and restaurants. Apart from what the restaurants or hotels serve, quality of the service and the desk management play an important role.

Our efficient POS software is helping many eateries and hotels to carry out complex and time-consuming operations just within few seconds. Our solutions cover every single activity from orders received to orders delivered, and promotional programmes to feedback management. The solutions we provide combine accuracy and speed that help hotels and pubs attain high customer satisfaction.

Restaurant Management Point of Sale Software

Rocket POS is developing high-end restaurant management software in Auckland to deliver premium services to the customers. Gone are the days when restaurant management was all about billing. The modern POS for restaurants enables the restaurant staff to manage orders, billing, and customer loyalty programs. The software solutions also allow entrepreneurs to manage and track stock, sales data, and restaurant staff.

Restaurant staff can now take orders and transfer the information directly to the kitchen without any manual hassles. Our advanced restaurant point of sale software allows reaching the orders to the kitchen area and billing with EFTPOS at the tables. Managing a restaurant, cafeteria, and an outlet is fun with our tailored point of sale software. The customers today require quickest services and super easy payment transactions. With all information and EFT at the fingertips, restaurants are able to deliver what customers are looking for.

Why Rocket POS for Retail and Restaurant Management

All-inclusive applications provided by Rocket POS result in a reduction of table turn-around time and increase of overall profitability. Rocket POS is engaged in developing innovative IT solutions for the retail and hospitality industry. With exclusive focus on customized needs of every business, we provide the best applications to manage orders, sales, billing, stocks, and staff.

Our technological expertise and experience gathered over the years enable us to understand the precise needs and challenges of these highly customer-oriented sectors. Highly scalable solutions are designed in tune with the newest market trends and local tax regulations. The easy-to-use applications we develop are focussed on making the businesses independent. The entrepreneurs are able to handle the POS with higher flexibility.

We keep everything simple and affordable for businesses with our tailored and economical solutions. Rocket POS provides customized software to meet the restricted needs of small scale stores and cafeterias. Our motto is to deliver maximum value to our customers at pleasing pricing without upsetting their financial tunings.

Benefits of Point of Sale Software

Needless to say, POS systems are ruling the retail and hospitality sectors. The smart POS not only allow businesses to work with increased speed and efficiency but also improve its reputation. Compared to traditional cash register systems, advanced POS solutions give excellent experience and ease of working.

Here are some of the top benefits of having innovative restaurant POS software Auckland. Rocket POS makes sure that the customers get all the below listed and many more advantages from the solutions.

1. Greater Payment Capabilities

Our flexible solutions allow us to accept payments through diverse ways with equal ease. This helps in increasing revenues as well as in gaining customer satisfaction.

2. Stock Management

Managing stock of every item is simple with our POS which enables users to track and monitor inventory. It gives you quick insight into what exactly you need to keep your unit running without any hitches.

3. Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Our advanced and user-friendly interface provides all information at the fingertips. There is no manual keying and cash registering hassles. The technology gives you greater freedom to be flawlessly accurate in every activity. Getting real-time data eliminates the chances of errors and inaccuracies. With faster operational abilities, restaurants and stores can deliver faster services to the customers as well.

4. Better Employee Management

Apart from customer service and transactions, Rocket POS gives you an overall system that also helps in managing your employees and workers. You can easily monitor and manage the clock-in and clock-out time of the employees at the POS terminal. With easier employee management, you can focus on your business with greater efficiency.

5. Reporting and Accounting

While you do business, accurate report generating and accounting is also important. Our POS integrates excellent solutions for accounting and reporting that helps you know your sales, revenues, profits, and costs. With all information at one place, the businesses can make informed decisions for infinite growth.

Advantages of choosing Rocket POS software do not end here. Our lower cost customized point of sale software also helps you in upgrading your existing systems which are not delivering value. While delivering you the solution, we consider every single aspect that have impact on your service and profitability. Rocket POS experts make sure that you get faster returns on your investment in terms of dollars, speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.